When it comes to food, the holiday season really is the most wonderful time of the year. But those holiday feasts can cause problems for more than just our waistlines. Think lower ... as in the sewer pipes flowing beneath your house and street.

King County is asking residents to be careful about the grease and fats that go down the drain.

Baking and cooking and deep frying turkeys, what do you do with all that oil? Annie Kolb-Nelson of the Wastewater Management Department asks.

They have a name for it: FOG. The fats, oils and greases that they generate while they're doing their holiday cooking, Kolb-Nelson said.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas the grease is a big problem for King County's wastewater system. Very much like your own arteries that fat and grease sticks to the inside of the pipes, Kolb-Nelson said.

Most people realize it shouldn't go down the drain, but there's a way to also keep it out of the landfills.

You can take it to a recycling center where they can do something great with it like biodiesel, she said.

General Biodisesl has 15 sites all over the county where you can drop-off your oil.

It's a win-win, Kevin Ledgerwood said. Ledgerwood works at the Red Apple Market in Seattle s Madison Park neighborhood, a collection spot for the program.

What are you going to do with your oil, dump it in your trash, stinks up your trash you shouldn't dump it down your sink, Ledgerwood said.

The store also participates in the oil recycling. All of our frying oil that we use in the meat department goes in there, he said.

The collection sites are behind stores, churches, and at a golf course. Dropping off the oil is free, but there are some sites that only accept vegetable oil.


King County information on cooking oil recyling

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