SEATTLE The rain paused long enough Monday night for the moon to come out and for Amber Spears to come out so she could load up a moving van with items salvaged from her flooded basement.

She made a second pile for items that will need to be thrown out, including a couch and some of her favorite paintings.

The apartments Spears rents was one of a few places that was flooded at Woodlawn and 97th Ave. Monday after a nearby creek overflowed and the drains could not keep up.

Her carpet remained soaked Monday night after a few inches of water filled the basement. With more rain expected, Spears bought seven sandbags to line up against her door.

Meanwhile, in Ballard, a rather unexpected storm victim was recovering: a hen. Shannon Christiansen found the wet and injured animal in her neighbor s yard.

Our neighbors don t have chickens and she wasn t one of our chickens, so we knew that she was lost and we figured the storm picked her up and blew her away from home, Christiansen said.

The friendly hen is now a guest in her guest room. She became quite a hit on social media Monday after they posted pictures of the hen while searching for her owner.

Everybody s been really supportive and they re kind of rooting for Miss Purdy that s what we ve named her, Christiansen said. It has been really cool, it s been a great response.

She hopes Miss Prudy s owner will recognize the missing hen and get in touch with her.

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