The group Veterans for Peace marched in the Auburn Veteran s Day Parade Saturday after uncertainty it would be able to do so.

The city originally denied their application to be part of the event, but a court ruled that violated free speech.

A spokesman for the group claims the city only wanted pro-military organizations in the parade.

We feel we have just as much right to be in the parade as the other groups, said Dan Gilman.

With the help of the ACLU, the group filed a discrimination lawsuit and a judge ruled Friday they could march.

The city had little to say about the controversy.

The only thing I can talk about today is the great parade and all the people here, said Mayor Pete Lewis. We welcome everybody.

Whether people agreed with the group s message or not, veterans say they should be part of the event.

They have the same rights as everybody else, said Tip Thibodeaux, a Vietnam War veteran.

Veterans for Peace was also banned from the 2010 parade until it appealed and was eventually allowed in.

The group plans to march next year.

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