King County Metro Transit is adding two more evening runs of its RapidRide service starting Tuesday. That s now six added evening trips since a big service change on Sept. 29.

Metro came under fire when the service changes were made because the buses became full very quickly, forcing drivers to blow past stops where people were waiting.

When delayed buses show up downtown, they quickly become packed and that frustrates riders, said Kevin Desmond, Metro Transit general manager. We re adding bus trips when commuters need them most so they don t have to wait as long between buses and bus loads can even out.

Metro said that one of the six new evening runs will start as a RapidRide D Line from Ballard, traveling to downtown Seattle and then on to West Seattle; five others will start in Belltown. Two standby buses will remain available to address gaps in service during the evening commute on the RapidRide C and D lines.

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