TACOMA, Wash. -- Kenneth Dew thought it was odd and he was right.

While driving home from work Tuesday afternoon, he saw a young girl walking along Tacoma Mall Boulevard all by herself.

I thought she might be three years old, said Dew.

He said he pulled over and asked her if she was lost.

Dew said she said Yes.

When he asked if she knew her mother s phone number the girl replied, Two.

Dew called 911.

Tacoma police had just been notified by the staff at Arlington Elementary School that the girl was missing. According to a school district spokesperson, the girl s mother came to the office to pick her up early.

The teacher sent the girl to the office, but instead she walked out a door onto the street. Dew spotted her about a half-mile from the school.

Another motorist who stopped found a phone number for the mother in the girl s backpack. Within minutes the kindergartner was reunited with her mother.

Dew said he felt good when he saw the girl run and hug her mother.

The school district spokesperson said after Tuesday s incident, parents of kindergartners will have to pick up their children in the classroom.

Correction: An earlier version of the story stated that the incident happened on Thursday. The version above has been corrected.

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