The buzz going around Thursday morning was about Mitt Romney s completely wrong Google problem. But, President Barack Obama has a similar one.

Go to Google Images and search the phrase completely wrong. What you get back is nothing but images of the Republican Presidential nominee.

The Google search turns up images related to articles written about Romney s recent interview with Fox News in which he responded to criticism of comments he made in the now infamous 47 percent video.

In this case I said something that s just completely wrong, Romney said in the interview.

Obama is having the same issue over something he said. Search the term had a bad night in Google Images and you get photos of the president. That phrase is in reference to articles written about Obama s interview with Diane Sawyer in reaction to his poor showing at the first debate.

Gov. Romney had a good night. I had a bad night. It's not the first time I've had a bad night, Obama said.

A Google spokesman said this isn t a case of the so-called Google bomb. It was perhaps made most famous by the redefining of Republican Rick Santorum s last name into something that, quite frankly, we really can t say here because kids could be reading it.

The company reportedly said the search engine is producing a natural search result in regards to the Obama and Romney searches and that it s not something that can be fixed.

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