OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Amanda Beers' cupcakes have been selling like hotcakes ever since she opened her doors in June.

Beers knows it's not just the exotic flavors like salted caramel or her frosting with a secret ingredient that brings the customers in.

They want to connect with me, said Beers.

Sweet Charley B's Cupcakery opened June 28, on the second anniversary of Charley Beers' death. The six-year-old died after the strep virus got into her bloodstream

She got sick Saturday afternoon and by Monday morning at 8 o'clock, it was all over, said Beers.

Beers said doctors told her there was nothing more that could have been done to save her daughter. Doctors said what happened was very rare.

She remembers being told, You're more likely to have lightning strike two times in the same place.

Charley's picture hangs in the bakery and a photo of her hangs around Beers' neck for the 70 hours a week she's at work.

She's here. She's always here, said Beers.

Beers said Charley loved to bake with her mom and there was never a doubt who the bakery would be named after.

I think that one of my biggest fears was people forgetting she was here, said Beers.

As Beers' story spread on Facebook, customers came from all over the area to support Beers.

She is also giving back to the community in her daughter's name and memory. The bakery has sold cupcakes as fundraisers for young cancer patients and a portion of the shop's proceeds go to Charley's Fund to benefit Olympia schools.

Things will never be better, Beers said. They never will be the same. But the more I can do in her [Charley's] name, the better it is for my soul.

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