No one expects a concert to start right at the time printed on the ticket, but the concert Tuesday night had a posted time of 8 p.m. Madonna didn't go stage until after 10 p.m.

We heard from dozens of fans who were upset, especially since her opening act was just a DJ. We asked her concert promoted about it, but never got a response.

It turns out she's been two hours late to many of her stops on her tour.

And people were even more upset by some of the violence in her show - Madonna running around shooting people with a fake gun and blood splashing up on the screen.

Madge has always thrived on controversy, but fans say Tuesday night whole rows of people were getting up and leaving early.

She was still singing and people were getting up to go, but it was after midnight at that point, said concertgoer Danielle Huston. Everyone's thinking you know we have jobs tomorrow. We don't get to sleep in until 1 o'clock so we gotta go.

One woman attending Wednesday night's concert said she's going to relax, eat dinner, and watch the presidential debate. If Madonna can't make it on time neither will she.

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