A sixth person has been arrested for allegedly beating a Lakewood man to death and dumping his body. A seventh suspect remains at large.

John Joseph Brown, 60, will be arraigned on murder, robbery and kidnapping charges Wednesday at the Pierce County Courthouse.

Brown is one of seven suspects accused of beating Dean Barker, 51, to death nearly four weeks ago at Brown's house. Barker's body was found September 8 dumped on 124th Avenue East in Graham, outside a home for sale.

The motive that lead to Barker's killing remains unclear. One of the suspects, William Barry, 33, claimed Barker molested his three-year-old daughter. Another suspect, Angela King, 32, claimed Barker sexually assaulted her.

There's no corroborative evidence to support these claims, Pierce County Prosecutor MarkLindquist said in a statement. What we know is that all the defendants were involved in a robbery and kidnapping at...Brown's house that led to murder.

The other suspects in custody are: Aileenah Horton, 17, Justin Mahaffey, 23, and Joshua Stevens, 23. A warrant is out for the arrest of Jeffrey Powell II, 30.

Barker's body was found face down, with his hands bound, mouth taped shut, and wearing a red bandanna around his neck, according to prosecutors. One of the suspects alleged Mahaffey marked him with a red bandanna because of gang affiliation.

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