NEW YORK -- Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company is extremely sorry for the frustration that its maps application has caused and it's doing everything it can to make it better.

Cook said in a letter posted online Friday that Apple fell short in its commitment to make the best possible products for its customers.

He recommends that people try alternatives by downloading competing map apps from the App Store while Apple works on its own maps products.

The Cupertino, Calif., company released iOS 6 last week for iPhone and iPad, which includes replacing Google Maps with Apple's own maps application. Users complained that the new maps have fewer details, lack public transit directions and misplace landmarks, among other problems.

TheTacoma Narrows Bridge was even subject to Apple's map problems. When users first pulled it up on their devices, the bridge appeared to have rolling hills in the middle of the roadway.

Users compared it to the original Tacoma Narrows Bridge that famously rolled, bounced and eventually collapsed in 1940.

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