A Seattle man has been charged with first degree murder in the suspected road rage shooting death of a Roosevelt man.

Thomas Dinh Bowman, 29, is accused in the Aug. 31 slaying of Yancy Noll.

Probable cause documents say Noll was stopped at a red light when Bowman, 29, pulled up in his BMW convertible and fired five shots at Noll. Three of the bullets hit Noll in the head. He died at the scene.

Detectives believe the shooting was the result of road rage.

Last week, a tip led police to a home less than a mile from the shooting scene in the Roosevelt neighborhood.

SWAT and homicide detectives served a warrant at a home in the 7400 block of 25th Avenue Northeast early Friday and seized a silver BMW Z4 from the garage.

Probable cause documents say detectives found the following:

  • The BMW had a new window on the passenger side
  • Shards of glass were found in the carpeting and on the running board underneath the passenger side door, consistent with the thought that the driver who shot Noll shot out his own window
  • The vehicle smelled like fresh paint, as if new body work or painting had been done on the car
  • There was an air purifier/dehumidifier operating in the garage next to the vehicle
  • There were new tires on the car

Senior Deputy Prosecutor Scott O Toole said in the house, detectives found a gun room, with bullet-making equipment, rifles and ammunition, but no handguns. O Toole said Bowman had at least one handgun and had a concealed weapons permit. No handguns were found, but two holsters and two magazines for a 9 mm handgun were found.

O'Toole said a search of Bowman s workplace, a shop on Airport Way S., turned up the old tires, as well as a piece of a slide for 9mm pistol (the same caliber as bullet casing found at the murder scene). Court documents say the slide was concealed in a plastic container, wrapped in paper towels and placed on a shelf in the back of the shop.

Bowman's wife consented to a search of her purse. In the purse, detectives found a receipt for Big O Tires in Lynnwood and a Home Depot receipt for paint, masking tape, steel wool, gray primer paint and black spray paint.

The murder charge includes a firearm sentencing enhancement. If convicted as charged, Dinh Bowman faces 25 to 31 years in prison.

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