Skyline High School in Sammamish was closed Thursday due to a Internet posting Wednesday from someone threatening to shoot and kill students, but some students, parents and even teachers never heard about it until they got to school.

The King County Sheriff's Office and Sammamish Police are investigating the threat.

On Thursday afternoon, the officials announced that the school will operate on a modified schedule Friday -- from 9:55 a.m. to 2:16 p.m.

Eastside Catholic High School, less than a mile north of Skyline, will be closed Friday. The school did not receive a threat, but decided to have a thorough security and safety assessment of the campus in light of today's event. Eastside Catholic's football game against Liberty High School has been moved from Friday to Saturday.

The threat stated Skyline students would be gunned down in the school's commons area. The student wrote about bringing his or her father's gun to school and shooting students until he or she ran out of ammunition.

The threat reads, in part:

The people at that school use their wealth and social status to act superior to others and they think it makes them better. The biggest offender of that would definitely be the jocks, I am going to start killing them first because they deserve it the most...

The author went on to say he or she would kill others until running out of ammunition and is killed by authorities or takes his or her own life.

The threat also included a photo of a gun that was supposedly to be used.

The posting was found on not one of the more popular social media sites, according to Issaquah School District spokesperson Sara Niegowski.

At an afternoon press briefing, investigators said they were able to trace the threat to an Internet address in Sweden. But computer users can use proxy settings and web servers to mask the origin of Internet traffic, so the Sweden address could be a deliberate distraction created by the sender.

Officials said the author is likely a current or former student at the school.

Concerned parents flooded the Sheriff's Office with calls after the threat was posted, shared and re-posted on other social media websites.

The Issaquah School District released the following statement:

Dear Skyline students and staff:

Apologies for the late notification, but we've had an emergency situation arise. Police have received a report of a threat against Skyline students reported to take place tomorrow and they are investigating. Working closely with them, we've decided to act out of an abundance of caution and close school tomorrow 9/20/12. Please do not have any staff, students or community members come to Skyline campus. We will have more information for you tomorrow or as it's available. Again, apologies for the late notification but student and staff safety is our top concern.

There were a lot of people who didn t get the message Wednesday night. Many showed up and had to be turned away. The Sammamish Police Department said 911 received calls starting around 9:30 p.m. from across the country and Canada from people who read threat online.

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