A man's body was found outside a vacant home on 124th Ave. E. in Graham on Saturday morning.

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department said a neighbor called police at about 11 a.m. to report it.

The man was bound and badly beaten.

I've never seen a dead body before. It was gross. It was gruesome, said neighbor Jeremy Lee.

Pierce County authorities believe two suspects dumped the white man in the front yard of the home late Saturday night. He had no ID, just a red bandana. The man is believed to be in his 40s.

On Saturday afternoon, investigators were seen entering the house with guns drawn, combing the property for clues.

Detectives say there's no question the man was murdered.

Amber Schmidt, who lives across the road, said she looked outside her window just before midnight and noticed a green SUV.

He stopped, put it in park and shut the lights off, she said.

Schmidt grew curious. She knows people have broken into the empty home before, but this was different so she went for her porch light.

No sooner do I turn my light on, that's when they took off, she said.

She's sure it was two men in a green SUV, possibly a Toyota 4-Runner. She thinks her light spooked the suspects.

I'm very angry. Nobody deserves to die. Nobody, she said.

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