SEATTLE -- Authorities have ended their search for a 7-foot python lost in a park near Seattle's Ravenna neighborhood.

The python is still missing but Seattle Animal Control has other priorities, like biting dogs, reports the Seattle Times.

The albino Burmese Python named Timid was reported missing last Monday by a homeless man who says he kept it as a pet. He said it escaped into a wooded area near NE 61st Street and Brooklyn Avenue, by CowenPark.

Seattle Police spokeswoman Renee Witt said if someone sees the snake, officers will go out and follow up on that report.

Peter Miller, a reptile keeper at Woodland Park Zoo, said the snake is around 15-20 pounds and is a bright yellow designer snake, which makes it easier to see. He also said the python has the potential to be dangerous.

These guys are ambush predators, Miller said. They find a well protected covered area and they sit and they wait.

Reticulated pythons, which are native to Southeast Asia, are not venomous, but they do hunt and kill small mammals and birds.

If you spot the snake, you're advised to call 911 or animal control at 206-386-7387.

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