Olympic gold medal winner Nathan Adrian made his first public Northwest appearance Tuesday since the London summer games.

The swimmer held a meet and greet at the Verizon Wireless in Silverdale. About 200 people showed up to welcome and congratulate the Bremerton-native, who signed swim caps, flippers and t-shirts. One fan even had their baby autographed.

It's fun to be back. I've gotten to do some things I've missed out on. I went crabbing the other day, I went salmon fishing yesterday, said Adrian. The great thing about being home is being home. I get to hang out with my dog, I get to spend time with my sister and my new born nephew.

Adrian shared more about his experience in London, where he won two golds and a silver medal.

I was very low key going into the Olympics. For some reason, I was very relaxed. I look at it as a blessing. I remember driving up in the bus and seeing Olympic Park and seeing the stadium and the different art sculptures. That's when I got goose bumps and everything hit me, he said. It was so incredibly exciting to be at the Olympics and moving through one of the most exciting sporting events ever.

Adrian said the hardest thing at the Olympics, besides swimming, was relaxing.

The hardest part was remaining calm. It's easy to lose sleep, it's easy to be up until 1 a.m. , 2 a.m. thinking about your races constantly. It even takes energy to relax, to make sure you're able to sleep and get the proper rest that you need.

Adrian said he's been getting a lot of messages of support from fans in the community.

I hope I've inspired people. I think it's easy to see it from the outside and say, hey that's cool what they're doing there. The fact that people see (me) and realize I grew up here. I'm pretty sure I tried to go to Chuck E. Cheese's as a kid and they turned me down because I wasn't tall enough.

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