When you watch the Olympics, do you wonder how does an athlete go from heartbreaking loss one day to podium gold the next? How do they train through the pain or injury, and just keep going?

University of Washington sports psychologist Ron Chamberlain says when it comes to athletes at this level, it's more mental than anything.

And the same advice can benefit non-athletes in other aspects of life.

Some tips:

1. Focus - screen out the noise

2. Discipline - make yourself keep to your physical or mental workout

3. Breathing - deep breathing helps you relax

4. Visualize - see the outcome you want and the steps you have to take to get there.

5. Preparation - there is no success without it.

Dr. Chamberlain said, I think if you can picture yourself in that environment before you get there and see yourself being that person you want to be, giving that speech or during the job interview or whatever it is those same principles can help in any area of performance.

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