The Seattle Storm is the only pro basketball team in town and yet the two-time WNBA champs have to remind Seattle's sports planners they exist.

Storm owners sent a letter to city leaders last month, saying we are here, find a long term place for us.

We want to be here for the long term and where we play in which arena makes a big difference there, said Storm co-owner Lisa Brummel.

In planning to build a new basketball and hockey arena just south of Safeco Field, San Francisco Investor Chris Hansen has met with political leaders, but so far there have been no business talks with the Storm.

What are the potential conflicts? Storm owners say scheduling is not a problem and the market is not over-saturated. There is room for more sports.

I think Seattle is a great city and can accommodate additional teams, said Brummel.

But where? Currently the Storm's lease at KeyArena runs through 2017.

Hansen has offered to rehab the Key for his future team to play in until the new arena is built.

In his latest blog, Hansen denies that he's ignoring the storm.

We kindly object to any suggestion that the Seattle Storm is an afterthought, said Hansen. We support the Storm's future in Seattle ... .whether they remain in KeyArena or decide to play in the new arena.

The mayor wants to keep the storm, but calls it a business deal between team owners.

Obviously what s better for the NBA is not always what s best for the WNBA, he said.

But just ask this visitor from Sacramento, where the Kings may be up for grabs, how he sees the Storm fitting into Seattle's future.

I don t think it s right if they get put in the corner, especially if they don t have an NBA team here, said Sacramento resident Gary Kron.

A public hearing on the proposed arena will be held Thursday at 5:30 at city hall.

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