A Marysville teen is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to preying on children at his mother s daycare.

Snohomish County prosecutors accused 18 year old Dakota Wilson of molesting two children and raping one other at All Hours daycare. The 24 hour, home-based daycare was shut down by state regulators after the allegations came to light.

Wilson will be sentenced later this month after pleading guilty to felony and misdemeanor assault charges. Prosecutors struck a plea agreement after a judge ruled she would likely exclude statements Wilson made to police during questioning. In the agreement, Wilson s charges were reduced from sex crimes to assaults.

Editor's note: The original broadcast story did not identify courtroom video of Dakota Wilson. That is file video from Wilson's arraignment in Oct. of 2011. Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Eric Lucas did not preside over the trial.

For the first time, parents of the young victims are speaking to KING 5.

Heartbreaking, said the mother of one victim, now 11 years old. All I could do was ask why my daughter? Why? Why? Why? Why her?

The woman, who asked that she not be identified, said her daughter first told her last year that Wilson touched her butt while she slept. The woman said her daughter was afraid to come forward.

All I can do is love her through it, said the girl s mother. (I) tell her mama s always going to be here for you and hold her hand.

Around that same time, two other children, as young as age 5, told Marysville police Wilson raped or molested them.

Mothers of two of the young victims told KING 5 they are relieved that their children will not have to testify at trial, but they are unhappy with one thing the plea agreement left out. Wilson will not be required to register as a sex offender.

You did these sex assaults to these children. I believe you should be accountable for that for the rest of your life, said the mother of the 11-year-old victim.

Prosecutors say the pre-trial court rulings weakened their case and they were forced to deal away sex offender registration in the plea bargain.

Prosecutors would also have not been able to admit records from the State of Idaho.

Last year, the KING 5 Investigators reported that extensive records in Idaho showed Wilson was investigated three times for alleged sexual misconduct at his parent s daycares in Idaho.

The Department of Early Learning, which licenses daycares in Washington, said Idaho failed to turn the information over when DEL conducted a background check on Anne Ladale Moore, Wilson s mother. It gave her a daycare license. The agency blames Moore for not reporting her son s history.

When Moore is sentenced later this month, he ll likely be confined in juvenile detention until age 21.

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