On arguably the nicest day of the year Mary Jo stood in line in Burien for a whooping cough shot.

I think it's important because I work in the schools and I'm around children on a daily basis, she said. I'm getting vaccinated for whooping cough so I don't infect anybody.

Dana Ballard waited in her car.

Right now I have no medical... I'm trying to get back on medical, she said. My niece has a baby shower coming up and she doesn't want us ending up with the illness and getting her and her baby sick.

Dana and Mary Jo joined hundreds of others for a free whooping cough booster at Group Health Burien Medical Center.

We had people here at 7 a.m., so we opened a little early, started at 8:30, getting them through as soon as we can, as fast as we can, said Lindsay Brady, the Clinical Operations Manager.

The big crowd was not a surprise.

They are worried, the word has really gotten out about the danger to our babies and I'm thrilled that people are here getting vaccinated, said Brady.

While the vaccine doesn't guarantee you won't get sick, doctors say your symptoms will be milder and you'll be less likely to make someone else sick.

I'm really glad I got it done it was a little effort to get here but I think it's important, said Mary Jo.

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