On Leap Day, Edmonds became the first city in the nation to launch a year-round discount network for veterans and military families. Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling and dozens of Edmonds businesses teamed up with Operation Military Family for the Military Veteran Program (MVP). Now, other cities are following suit!

The Loft restaurant was one of the first Edmonds businesses to sign up for the program. Owner Niko Raptis joined Margaret to whip up a delicious Spicy Pancetta-Wrapped Prawns with Red Pepper Risotto and talk about why he felt it was important to sign up. Mayor Earling and Mike Schindler from Operation Military Family also talked about the need to help military families, especially during a time of long deployments and other challenges. Mayor Earling then challenged other cities and businesses to sign up.

For more information about Operation Military Family and the MVP campaign (including a list of merchants taking part, as well as how to sign your business up), please click here.

Click here to visit The Loft's website.

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