OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Whether you love them or you hate them, the Washington Supreme Court says the public doesn't have the legal right to stop red light cameras with a citizens initiative.

This is a huge blow to opponents of red light cameras because it means initiative efforts against them, around the state, are in invalid.

Mukilteo was the first city in Washington to have a Tim Eyman inspired initiative to block the cameras.

But, Christine Preston fought against the initiative process in court. She wants to city to install them. She likes red light cameras.

I jog and walk...I see people running red lights all the time. This is a good tool to stop that, said Preston.

Preston won the case. The state Supreme Court justices ruled that only city councils have the power to enact the traffic camera laws, not the public.

Its insulting to voters, said Eyman.

Eyman says in Mukilteo, 71 percent of voters said no to red light cameras and in Bellingham and Monroe, 68 percent opposed them.

As soon as people start to vote no on red light cameras, we find out we're not allowed to vote, said Eyman.

This started in Mukilteo two years ago when citizens passed an initiative to block red light cameras.

The Mukilteo City Council, however listened to the voice of the people and changed its mind and chose not to put them in.

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