LEAVENWORTH, Wash. -- Hundreds of people flooded a small ski hill in Leavenworth Wednesday night to remember three well known skiers and beloved men.

Chris Rudolph, John Brenan and Jim Jack died over the weekend in an avalanche, hitting the community with a huge loss.

I'm Jim Jack's dad and I'm just so overwhelmed by your support for my son, said Norman Jack.

It's so overwhelming seeing what these men meant to the community, said Jack's mother, Barbara.

It was just too hard to get the words out for many, especially those in the skiing community.

It's a brotherhood forever, said one skier.

One by one to the top of the mountain they honored the men by lending light to what's been a very dark week for the Leavenworth community.

Light that was much needed by the families who are still grieving.

Members of the community are preparing for an emotionally difficult week, as there are several memorials planned throughout the area.

The three men were killed when they were swept 1,500 feet down a canyon near the out-of-bounds area known as Seventh Heaven near Stevens Pass. A fourth skier caught up in the slide was saved by a safety device.

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