SEATTLE Swedish Medical Center announced Monday it is cutting 300 positions, about 3 percent of its workforce, to cut costs. But some of those workers will still have jobs.

In an email to the staff from Swedish President and CEO Dr. Rod Hochman, Swedish faces a $19 million operating budget gap.

We continue to see fewer commercially insured patients; we're providing more uncompensated care, and are writing off more cases as bad debt due to people being unable to pay their medical bills, Hochman wrote. In addition, we are still reeling from recent state cuts in Medicaid and expect that deeper cuts are on the way at both the federal and state level for both Medicare and Medicaid. In fact, just this morning, the White House announced a deficit-reduction plan that calls for cutting $248 billion from Medicare and $72 billion from Medicaid.

Not all 300 workers will be let go. Some of the cuts will come from vacant positions that won t be filled, and some workers will be transferred into other positions.

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