PORTLAND -- Moms and dads of young children in Southeast Portland have recently been dealing with a unique rash of thefts in their area.

Thieves have been stealing strollers worth about $500 each, often right off front porches.

One victim quickly found out she wasn t alone when she posted flyers in her community warning others. She was contacted by 12 other parents in the area, whose strollers had also recently been stolen.

The woman spoke to KGW but said she didn t want her name revealed, for safety reasons. She said that in at least some of the cases, the stolen strollers were showing up on Craigslist.

They're obviously cutting locks, so even if you think it s safe on your porch, it s not, you have to keep it inside, she warned.

She said the stroller stolen off her porch had been locked up. It was the very popular and expensive BOB model.

She found a stroller that looked just like hers for sale on Craigslist. So her husband made an appointment to meet with the seller.

The man showed him a stroller that looked a lot like theirs. Then, the seller pulled out a baby sling that was identical to their stolen sling, which had been with their stolen stroller.

We knew it was ours, the woman told KGW At that point, my husband confronted him and said, you stole this, we know what you're doing.

Her husband also recorded the confrontation on his cell phone camera and later shared the video with police. (Watch by clicking on video above.)

Investigators hope his video will help them crack the string of stroller thefts.

But at least for now, the thief got away.

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