SEATTLE -- Losing a pet is like losing a member of the family. Katie Robbins says just the thought of it gets her riled up.

One time his leash did break and that was like a panic moment, she said.

A microchip and a collar on her dog Chewee makes her feel a little better, but Tom Arnold says he's got a full proof solution to put Katie's mind totally at ease.

My goal with PetHub is to get pets home before they have to be taken to a shelter, said Arnold.

Arnold is a former Microsoft employee who came up with the idea a few years ago during a trip to India.

I was so worried about tracking my dog, and I knew this technology could do that, he said.

How it works is simple: A user can download any QR code application for free.

You then use the camera on the phone to hover over this code, said Arnold. When you scan it it brings up everything that you can think of.

The application takes you to Arnold's site, where owners can post their pets' information.

Dog owner Patrick Hook says he would consider buying a PetHub tag for his dog Coji, but it's not the only thing he'd use to keep track.

It's always a concern, though, if someone takes the collar off, then the information is lost, he said.

Arnold says Pet Hub is just another inexpensive step in keeping track and helping others get your pet back to you.

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