AUBURN, Wash. -- Sending your kids back to school could leave you with an empty wallet, from parking passes to playing sports to classroom fees. New costs keep popping up, but a local organization is trying to help.

Football, wrestling, track - whether kids want to root for the team or play on it, it s going to be costly for parents. That's something Larry Strock, the father of an incoming freshman and senior at Auburn High School, found out recently.

It's $105 total, he said. It is $45 for the ASB, and $60 for a full color yearbook.

And that's just to get started. The sports his sons plan to play will tack on even more fees.

It's getting more expensive every year, it seems like, he said.

For students that can't keep up with rising prices, there's InvestED, an organization that aims to help.

Each year we serve about 16,000 students across the state, said Julie Davis, InvestED.

When it comes to which students are going to receive the help, that's a tough decision the principal and others here make based on need.

The main thing that we look at first of all is will this impede them from graduating if they are not helped, said Richard Zimmerman, principal of Auburn High School.

We probably were able to help 300-400 (students), said Bob Jones, athletic director of Auburn High School. We probably needed to help as many a 600-700, but either they didn't come to see us or we ran out of money.

That's what the school saw last year

For Strock, that's his strategy for the new school year.

I try to save for it, budget for it ahead of time cause I know it's coming, he said.

InvestED has been serving students in Washington state for 50 years with the goal of keeping students engaged and making sure they graduate.

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