KIRKLAND, Wash. Paul Wu was pulling his car out of the driveway and saw it.

I found a dog in my driveway which is unusual.

He looked at the small dog.

He would not go away, and I stop he comes up to me, he said.

Wu found a bag hanging around the dog s neck, carrying money, and a note.

Please take care of Mr. B. He is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Six years old. My parents got divorced and Mr. B was supposed to go to the pound. I think he has a better chance with you. This is my birthday money for any of his care. He is used to kids, not other dogs. He s a good boy. I know God will take care of Mr. B Everyone loves him...especially me. Thank you.

Wu took the Cavalier into work, and his colleague immediately was compelled to help.

I d hate to be a kid making that choice, said Robert Kuchcinski, who has three children of his own. It didn t seem right that it would go to the pound.

He took the dog home Thursday afternoon, and to a veterinarian. Mr. B had some dry skin, and plugged ears, but overall had a clean bill of health.

Kuchcinski and Wu still wonder what the rest of the story may be.

All I want to do is let this person know, that we found him a good home. That s the whole message, said Wu.

Hopefully they re happy with the dog having a good home, says Kuchcinski, And things are find with them too.

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