RENTON, Wash. -- A high-level officer in the Renton Police Department has been investigated for allegedly stalking his girlfriend.

The Mayor s Office first became aware of the allegation last fall, prompting an internal investigation.

According to documents obtained by the KING 5 Investigators, Deputy Chief Tim Troxel, engaged in unbecoming conduct by having a sergeant from Special Enforcement accompany him to his girlfriend s house in Newcastle to find out if she was with another man.

According to the investigation, Troxel told the sergeant he did not want to drive his own car because his girlfriend would recognize it. Troxel observed the house from the street and the backyard. The incident happened in the summer of 2009 but wasn t investigated until the Mayor s Office received an anonymous complaint in the mail in November 2010.

Renton Police Chief Kevin Milosevich initially recommended Troxel receive 40 hours suspension without pay and be required to complete a performance action plan. In the Intent to Discipline Memo dated January 14, 2011, Milosevich wrote, your actions in the evening in question could be construed as irrational or desperate in an effort to continue this personal relationship. A more appropriate response would have been to not involve an on-duty member of the Department and to avoid contact that weekend.

Milosevich also wrote that, ...the facts and circumstances as investigated does call into question your ability to be a successful leader within the Police Department.

After Troxel met with the chief in February, Milosevich reduced the suspension from 40 hours to 24 hours without pay.

I appreciate that since the beginning, you have accepted responsibility for your actions and that you understand the seriousness of this incident, wrote the chief in the final discipline memo.

Neither Milosevich nor Troxel returned calls to KING 5 seeking comment.

Communication Director, Preeti Shridhar, told KING 5 News that Mayor Denis Law had no comment on the case.

The Investigation is being handled by the Police Chief and the Mayor has complete confidence in his chief, Shridhar said.

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