SEATTLE--When Beth Kearny looked out her window on the morning of May 10, she saw something so strange to her, so unlike anything she's seen in her 30 years of living on Lake Washington, she had to get video of it.

Now even the experts are intrigued by what she taped.

Kearny's home video shows a mysterious ripple on the surface of the water, which she described as a raging river in the lake stretching out near Holmes Point.

The long, almost straight line of current does resemble a river or a maybe the wake from a large boat. But Kearny said there were no boats near it. King County's Water and Land Resources said if it was a boatwake, it would haveripples spreading out from the main current.

It doesn't.It's just a longstraight line in the water that some believe may be coming from below, from some sort of submersible object.

Plenty of peoplehave theories, but we stillhave no definite answers.

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