PUYALLUP, Wash. -- District officials shut down a school board meeting Monday night after they said parents and students became too rowdy while opposing the ouster of the Rogers High School principal.

The crowd that attended the Puyallup SchoolBoard meeting at Ballou Junior High School was estimated around 500 people. Students and parents attended the meeting to plead with board members to reinstate PrincipalScott Brittain,saying he was forced to resign.

Brittain resigned last week after district officials learned he chaperoned an out-of-town school field trip to California and taught a chemistry class -- both against district policy.

After the crowd began booing at board members, the meeting was moved behind closed doors in order to vote on Brittain's future.

Several students stood up and spoke at the meeting before it was shut down. One student tearfully asked the board not to get rid of Brittain. Another student suggested the board and Superintendent were bullying RogersHigh School and the microphone was immediately cut.

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