SEATTLE -- How often has this happened to you: You finally get into see a doctor late in the afternoon and then have trouble finding a pharmacy that's open.

For Medicare and Medicaid patients, it can be even more challenging because of fragile health, transportation issues or even language barriers.

That's why Molina Healthcare Clinic in Everett has now installed a vending machine that dispenses prescriptions for common medications, like antibiotics and asthma drugs, right on site.

If you're seeing a patient at the end of the day, or there's a language issue, we have the ability to get the medicine out to the patient today and have some sense of certainty they'll be able to start it today and get their treatment under way, said Dr. Roland Feltner, Molina Healthcare - South Everett Clinic.

Molina Healthcare caters exclusively to Medicare and Medicaid patients. For security reasons, the machine does not stock pain medications.

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