ANACORTES, Wash. A deckhand from Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch says there is some renewed hope in finding answers about the disappearance of his father.

Anacortes Police plan to give a polygraph test to a witness in the case of Keith Anderson.

I believe deep down that this is a homicide, said Anderson's son, Jake, aboard the F/V Northwestern on Tuesday. It has been really hard to get answers from the police. All we want to know is what really happened.

Keith Anderson, 63, has been missing since Jan. 6, 2010. He was last seen meeting an acquaintance in the Arlington area. His family said Keith Anderson left his Anacortes home without his prescribed medication or his cell phone. Jake says his dad originally took the drug after surgery and got addicted.

Keith's abandoned truck was found a couple weeks later on a remote logging road near Darrington.

Maybe he got in a bad situation and someone didn't know what to do with his body? Jake suggests. We just don't know. That's what is so hard.

Detectives will be interviewing a person that was known to Anderson, based on information provided by the family, said Anacortes Police Captain Grant Lightfoot. Jake said someone recently told family that they had information about what happened.

Police still have no suspects.

A cash reward in the case has increased to $10,000. A website has been dedicated to finding Keith Anderson.

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