ARLINGTON, Wash. --When Washington Fish &Wildlife officers rescued her, she was justa helpless,inured eagle, wallowing in a muddy farm field near Duvall.

But they would soon realize the juvenile bald eagle is a reality TV star.

She's a young celebrity whose birth and childhood were all closely watched on a web cam featuring the eagles of Catalina Island inCalifornia.She even has a Facebook page.

Thousands of regular viewers watched hergrow up and were worried when she recently disappeared.

For reasons unknown and in the dead of winter, the young eagle flew north from sunny Southern California about 1,000 miles to cold, rainy Western Washington.

Also unknown is howshe got injured. X-rays showshe has a broken wing that was healing wrong.

Clinic workers at Sarvey Wildlife CareCenter are nursing the bird back to health but say her wild days may be over. Her wing probably wouldn't withstand the rigors of regular hunting, mating or another 1,000 mile trek.

But her celebrity days are continuing. The Sarvey staff says e-mails are pouring in from web cam fans thrilled to know the bird isokay, and thank the workers for saving her. Sarvey workers say the young eagle could continue to entertain as an education eagle at a wildlife facility thatcanperform short demonstration flights and promote awareness.

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