SEATTLE -- The Seattle School Board is expected to make a statement following a special session Tuesday evening regarding Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson.

The closed session comes on the heels of a financial scandal in the district.

How many more ticks against your name do you need before you leave town? asked Sahila Changebringer.

Changebringer doesn't hold back when it comes to Goodloe-Johnson. Sahila is a member of the Shadow School Board, a group of parents and former teachers who've been critical of the superintendent.

She's done so much damage, said Changebringer.

A financial damage, the group said, that is the last straw. The Seattle School District is caught in a scandal after an audit found it lost up to $1.8 million.

The Shadow School Board wants Goodloe-Johnson to be held accountable and fired, but the superintendent told an investigator the problems were too far down in the organization for her to know the details.

We're here to work with the school district and school board as they face these issues, said Mayor Mike McGinn.

McGinn said he called the school board president to offer support, but ultimately it's the board's decision.

The school board, they're the boss collectively. They hire and fire. They have to make that decision based on the facts in front of them. I'm going to let them do their work here, said McGinn.

I think it's more than time for her to be gone, but not just her - specifically her kind of superintendent, said Kate Martin, Shadow School Board.

The group wants the administration to clean house and give teachers and students a clean slate.

The school board could vote as soon as Wednesday on Goodloe-Johnson's position.

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