The parents of missing 7-year-old Portland boy Kyron Horman say there were warning signs that they ignored.

Kyron Horman's biological mother Desiree Young and his father Kaine Horman say they believe Kyron is still alive, because they can't imagine any other outcome.

They also say they're convinced Kyron's stepmother, Terri, played a role in his disappearance. Young says there were signs she should have picked up on that Kyron wanted to come and live with her and that he used to cry when he had to leave.

Young issued this emotional plea.

To the person or persons who have Kyron - I miss my son so much that I can't breathe at times, said Young.

Kaine Horman has also accused Terri of starting an intimate relationship with his neighbor, Mike Cook, that started after Kyron disappeared.

Cook admits to sexting with Terri, but says they did not have a physical relationship.

An attorney for Kaine Horman also says Terri has agreed to move out of the family home but is asking for support. Horman has said he will not give her money unless she cooperates with investigators.

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