Incumbent Democratic Senator Patty Murray faces re-election this fall and candidates are lining up to take her job. It's early, but three candidates out of the gate early, may already be known to the public in one capacity or another.

Don Benton, a state senator from Vancouver, has been a prominent voice in the Republican party for more than a decade.

Chris Widener is a well-known speaker and author who lives in Issaquah. He co-authored a book about former gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi.

And then there is Clint Didier. Perhaps he is not well-known in the Seattle area but the Eastern Washington farmer was a long time tight end for the Washington Redskins after a college career at Portland State.

Tell us what you think of these three candidates. So they have what it takes to beat Patty Murray? Is there another candidate out there you support?

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