BELLEVUE, WA - Through the magic of the Web, members of the World Water Association could soon catapult their nonprofit to new heights.

And they aren't even 18 yet.

It's so crazy, I mean we would have never imagined this just when we started a year-and-a-half ago, says Fiona Xue, founder of the association.

The association helps build water wells in developing countries. It's one of 100 other non profits nationwide, vying for $1 million through the Chase Community Giving Contest. Three of the finalists are based in Western Washington.

We want to build these science and tech community centers to allow students to explore the world of science and tech, says Edward Jiang founder of the Student Research and Development Project.

Jiang founded the group during his last year at Interlake High School in Bellevue. Like all of the others, they're calling on friends for help. The group with the most votes on Facebook wins.

Chase says using Facebook was an easy choice. Millions of people use the social networking site every day. They say it's a great way to engage a new breed of nonprofits.

To really get our message out, we use what teenagers use. You know they check their Facebook everyday says Student Research and Develpment member Vu Tran.

The third group from Western Washington in the running is the Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation based in Vancouver.

All of the finalists have already one $25,000 to use toward their cause. The voting closes Friday.

For more info on the three groups, click here.

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