WASHINGTON, D.C. - DC sniper John Allen Muhammad is scheduled to dieby injection at a Virginia prison Tuesday for the slaying of one of the men killed during a three-week rampage in 2002 across Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Families of his victims will be there for the execution, but his ex-wife won't.

It was like his spirit had been broken. He looked like a broken man, Mildred Muhammad said about her ex-husband.

She says John began waging war on her, psychologically and emotionally. When she filed for a divorce, he answered with a threat.

He said in the garage that you will not raise my children on your own. You have become my enemy and I will kill you, she said.

When John spirited their children out of the country to Antigua for 18 months, Mildred went into hiding.

I knew he was going to kill me and I knew it was going to be a head shot, she said.

When the children were found, Mildred brought them to Maryland, hoping John would never find them.

Then the sniper rampage began.

There were several shootings close to her home, but Mildred was stunned when the ATF appeared on her doorstep and told her the sniper was her ex-husband.

I knew he was going to kill me and I was fearful for my life. But I never thought he would go to this length. Never, ever. It still boggles my mind, she said.

John and his accomplice Lee Malvo were not yet in custody, so Mildred and the children were put under police protection, whisked to a hotel, where she turned on the TV.

That's the first time I saw John's face. And I walked over to the screen, put my hand on it and said 'what happened to you?' she said.

But Mildred Muhammad believes she does know. She believes John intended to eventually shoot her so he could get his children back.

She doesn't think John is mentally ill. She says his meticulously planned shooting spree was motivated by pure vengeance - against her.

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