Video: Two-sport star Kimmie Koehler on the A-Team

Eastside Catholic junior Kimmie Koehler excels on the court, on the greens and in the classroom.

When she's not shooting the rock or dropping in a birdie, Kimmie is maintaining her perfect 4.0 GPA - in honors classes no less.

While right now she is focused on being a point guard and shooting guard for the basketball team, Kimmie knows there are limitations for her future in that sport. She's only 5-feet 4-inches tall.

Her true love is golf, in which she is the team co-captain. She began swinging clubs when she was just three-years-old.

Kimmie says in the classroom, an A is the only acceptable outcome. Her freshman year was perfect, and her sophomore year was nearly as good - all A's except for one A-minus in Honors Chemistry.

This year she is taking AP Physics, AP Government, UW French and other honors classes. She says the only part she regrets is that her rigorous schedule doesn't allow her to take a fun art class.

Her first choices for college are two of the most prestigious in the nation - Princeton and Duke.

And yes, she wants to play golf when she gets there.

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