SEATTLE -- April 20th is unofficially known as the holiday National Weed Day (4/20). This year the date falls on Easter Sunday.

Seattle resident Ah Aimee Warner will be celebrating in Denver, where she's a panelist at The High Times Magazine s 40th anniversary.

Warner has been a pot advocate for the past 20 years and turned political activist with the passage of Initiative 502.

It s an exciting time for us. There s women all over the industry making big moves, said Warner, founder of Cannabis Basics.

She owns a hemp health and beauty line called Cannabis Basics, which can only be sold in medical marijuana dispensaries. Warner harvests cannabinoids and infuses them with fats and other botanicals.

My products are non-intoxicating, less than 0.3% THC and they're de-natured. It would be like trying to drink rubbing alcohol to get a cocktail buzz you wouldn't do it, said Warner.

Warner helped craft legislation on medical marijuana last session in Olympia. The bills didn't pass, but ultimately she'd like to see cannabis health and beauty products sold legally in mainstream markets like PCC and Wholefoods.

As the pot industry grows, Warner sees a promising future.

The most exciting thing for me is to see the day when I can not only buy my flower for my cannabinoids but my hemp seed oil from WA farmers, said Warner.

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