ARLINGTON, Wash. -- Ok, go ahead! shouted USGS Hydrologic Technician Joe Miles.

Miles is part of a two-man team pulling a monitoring device across the Stillaguamish River. The device will measure the river's flow and other characteristics that were altered by the Oso slide.

The Stillaguamish will never be the same. Scientists want to know if the threat of flooding, bank erosion or other issues will increase following the disaster.

Technicians from the Environmental Protection Agency are also gathering river information. They're sampling the water for toxins the river picks up and carries downstream. EPA officials said they should have an overview of their concerns ready for release tomorrow.

Today the EPA, State Ecology, and other incident commanders said they are not encountering anything worse than normal household and garage toxins, but are aware that the danger is in the unknown. They have no way of knowing what people were storing on their property and there is the constant bacterial threat from ruptured septic tanks.

Neighbors continue to support each other. The Rhodes River ranch is looking for donations for its Oso Auction to be held this Saturday, April 5th from 1:00 to 7:00 pm. There will be live music for locals and donors.

Other events are scheduled at Arlington High School on Friday and next Thursday.

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