The Seattle City Council transportation committee decided Thursday to limit rideshare car services like Uber and Lyft in the city. It s a controversial decision designed to create fairness with the taxi cab drivers.

The council members voted 5-4 to limit what they call transportation networking companies to 150 drivers per company on the road at any given time.

The city will require those drivers to get special training and proper permits, regulated by the city. Those companies must also require those drivers to get a commercial vehicle permit.

The council also decided to increase the number of permits issued to cab companies by 100 each year.

All of these regulations are part of a two-year pilot project.

The council were still debating several other issues, like insurance for drivers of rideshare services like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar.

The Seattle City Council Chambers was packed Thursday night with drivers of cabs and rideshares all voicing their opinions. In the end, both sides said they felt like they lost.

The full Seattle Council Meeting will be held March 10. All changes will go into effect 30 days after that full vote.

Watch a full updated report by Jake Whittenberg at KING 5 News at 9 p.m.

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