SEATTLE - On Tuesday in Everett, Boeing is expected to outline its plans for a giant new plant to build the wing of the new 777-X airliner.

The wing plant is expected to employ at least 1,300 and be built on the site of old low rise office buildings built when Boeing's Everett site was first established in the 1960s.

The selection of Everett as the site for the wing factory comes as no surprise as Boeing made it clear in its request for proposals from other states that the final assembly line and the giant wing made from carbon composite materials would likely come as a pair.

Each wing at 114 feet in length with a root attachment of 23 by 12 feet has long been considered too large to be transported by the company's outsize 747 Dreamlifter cargo jets and tricky to transport by road or rail.

Boeing has told states they would want construction of a new plant to begin no later than November of 2014, with production to commence by July of 2016.

The 777X is supposed to start delivering to airlines in 2020.

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