It's contagious. Blue and green sparking Seattle like lightning.

Hawks gear there. Hawks gear there. Dog Hawks. I mean its everywhere, roars mega fan Big Lo, who says civic pride is the highest he's ever seen.

That's what civic pride is all about. That's what this city has become. Its beautiful.

Former Mayor Greg Nickels takes us back to our last Super Bowl in Detroit 2006. It was the day the Hawks faced the Steelers. Nickels sat in a sea of gold.

It was clearly a Pittsburgh crowd. I'm guessing on Sunday that's not going to be nearly as clear. I think it's going to be 50-50, if not a Seahawks crowd.

This time there's a different vibe, according to Big Lo.

They weren't expecting us to be there. We're south Alaska, nobody likes Seattle. It rains all the time, its kinda blah. But, not anymore!

Another difference between the 2006 Super Bowl and this Sunday's game?

This time the Hawks will win! We hope.

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