There are still so many unanswered questions when it comes to Iniative 502. A big one for parents: how do I talk to them about it?

Parents and community members held a forum Monday at Issaquah High School to discuss just that.

I think we need to approach it the same way as drinking but they think it s not as bad, mother of two, Theresa Stoppard, said.

And she s right, The Issaquah School District did a recent study of their high school students. It shows 25% of seniors currently smoke marijuana, while 43% currently drink alcohol...

That same study found an overwhelming majority found little or no risk in smoking marijuana.

If you re under 21 the law hasn t changed, you still can t have marijuana, said Issaquah Police Chief Paul Ayers.

But the same law goes for alcohol and that hasn t stopped students, which worries Ayers.

Everyone should be worried because when you have a lot more access you have a lot more use, he added.

Bottom line, he and parents Monday said it comes down to one thing: honesty.

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