A San Francisco radio station wants 49ers fans to boycott some popular Washington-made products until after the NFC Championship.

It started when the Seahawks banned people with California billing addresses from buying tickets to Sunday's game.

In response, 105.3 FM decided not to air any music made by Seattle-based bands until the NFC Championship is over. That means no Nirvana, Soundgarden, and much more.

Next, the radio station took it one step further, and said fans who really wanted revenge on Seattle and the Seahawks could boycott a list of Seattle-based companies and products. The list includes Boeing, Starbucks, Microsoft, and shopping at Nordstrom or Amazon, among others.

A spokesperson for 105.3 told KING5 the suggestion of a boycott was meant to be tongue in cheek, and say they're just trying to have a little fun with two very passionate fan bases.

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