SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- The NFCChampionship is now just days away, and fans from both teams are shelling out big money to see it in person. For one San Francisco fan, that meant paying almost $4,000 for her tickets, but she says it's the price you pay, to make sure your team isn't alone while facing the 12th man.

Catherine Tate has been rooting for the 49ers since she was five years old. She's a season ticket holder, and travels to most away games as well.

You have to support your team, she told KING5. I spent about $950 per ticket for the NFCChampionship, the face value i believe was$ 215,$ 235, somewhere in there.

She says it's worth every penny, and believes Seahawks would be willing to pay just as much if the game were in San Francisco.

Believe it or not, she even had some nice things to say about the 12th man.

Your 12th man is awesome, I give you much credit for that, she said. I say they should pay your fans a check and the fans should involved in the salary cap, because they are an instrumental part of why your team wins.

As for the reason this rivalry is so intense, she says it's simple: both teams are really good. Even though her least favorite memories with the 49ers are the games they lose to Seattle, she also says she has a lot of respect for the Seahawks, the 12th man, and the passion fans have for their team.

We're both really hungry for that Super Bowl win, she said. Bring it on, is all I'm going to say, just bring it on.

Tate arrives in Seattle on Friday morning, and says she's already preparing for the noise at CenturyLink.

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