A Whatcom County couple are amazed they survived a tree falling on their bedroom as they slept last weekend.

Richard George and Lanei Williams of Deming say around 4 a.m. Saturday morning, the wind knocked down a old majestic maple on their property.

We were laying there not really asleep, listening, said George. All of a sudden we heard a crack. and that was the roof.

Lying on the bed, George grabbed his wife, trying to shield her from the collapse of the tree limbs, nails and wooden beams. A branch came through the roof like a spear, slicing open George's side, which is now stitched together with 23 staples.

If I didn't turn, I would have been sliced in half, said George.

I don't understand how we did crawl out of this, said Williams. I'm happy to say Rick did save my life and I'm glad he's here for me. And now we're here for each other.

Three other people, including a young girl were also staying in the home, but were not injured.

The couple admits they knew the tree was rotting and needed to be cut down, but they did not have the money to do it.

The family's home was not insured.

They are now staying at the Nooksack tribe's elders complex and are trying to figure out a way to rebuild.

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