How far would you go to support your team? One 12th Man says he's the teams biggest fan - and he's willing to put his name on it.

Patrick Duncan of Poulsbo practically bleeds blue and green.

My prize possession is my Cortez Kennedy game-worn jersey from his MVP season, said Duncan.

He's got the colored shoes, the framed posters and signs, even the vintage lawn chair. He modeled a handful of the 70-some Seahawk jerseys in his closet.

When I do stuff, I go 'all in,' like the saying for the Hawks this year, said Duncan. Just do whatever it takes.

How do you top all of that? By changing your name to Seahawk.

My name use to be Patrick William Duncan and now it's Patrick Seahawk Duncan, he said.

Duncan showed us the notarized court documents proving the name change from a hearing earlier this week.

I love it, said his wife, Jamie. We love our Seahawks. What better way to honor them then to change his middle name?

Jamie shares her husband's enthusiasm. She scheduled their wedding on a bye week with a Seahawks wedding cake, and cheers for the team during the games with her husband.

The staff at Department of Licensing, who were celebrating Blue Friday, say they got a kick out of Duncan's name change when he came in to get a new driver's license.

It didn't dawn on me he was changing it to 'Seahawk' until halfway through the process, said licensing service representative, Pablo Nichipor. I was 'Oh wow!'

Duncan says his parents took the name change in stride, but they say he will always be Patrick William Duncan to them.

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