SNOHOMISH- Police are warning residents after several deep cycle batteries were stolen from travel trailers.

Bob Wilderson contacted authorities after his batteries were taken from his RV this week. He said someone walked up his driveway, opened up the plastic cover, and then cut the wiring connected to the battery.

I don't know where you get the nerve to that, said Wilderson. It is just a pain. It cost you money that you shouldn't be spending.

Snohomish Police reported several thefts Tuesday near the 900 block of 19th Street and an attempted theft on the 1000 block of Avenue A on Wednesday.

The reason they are after these batteries is that you can take them to some businesses and recycle them for a core value so some places will pay anywhere from $5 to $45, said Snohomish Police Chief John Flood.

A neighbor witnessed the attempted theft Wednesday, according to police. Flood said the witness described the suspect as a white male driving a white Dodge Neon.

Wilderson said he will have to buy new batteries, which cost between $100-$200, and replace the wiring.

When not using the travel trailer, police recommend removing the batteries and storing them in your garage.

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